Wise Tarot Class


Tarot is a system that can help us understand the story of human kind. It is made up of 78 cards (22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana). With the use of Spreads and the energy of the person who is open to the reading, Tarot can be used to divine a possible future based on past and current events. The Wise Tarot Class is an advanced Tarot interactive class for those who want to be able to relate the Tarot card meanings to their own lives and this modern world.  Knowledge of the Tarot system and a general familiarity with each of the cards is ideal.

The connection between the Major Arcana “Archetypes”, Minor Arcana and Court cards are explored through discussion and sharing of common experiences. This is an ideal way to understand and know the meaning of these cards rather than just studying/memorizing them.

We will talk about the evolution described in the court cards beginning with the apprentice or Pages of each suit and concluding with the Mastery cards of the Queens and Kings. We will explore how the meanings of cards change as they are in different positions of a spread. There will be a lot of pair work/group work involving practice with the cards and reading spreads. Tips for how to interpret longer card spreads of 9-12 cards will be offered.

There are 10 classes/1 per week for 1.5 hours each. Cost is $150. A deposit of $50 is required to secure a seat and the remaining due the first day of class. The $50 is not refundable but in most cases can be used as a deposit for one of my other classes.* Anyone requiring a payment plan may contact me directly (some restrictions apply). The sessions take place typically on Wednesday or Thursday evenings from 6:30p to 8p. There is a limit of 15 people per class.

*NOTE: Notice of a cancellation must be given prior to the class start for which the person has paid the deposit.

Interested in attending a class?