Wisdom of Wombman Intention Series


Wisdom of Wombman Intention Series

The Wisdom of Wombman Intention Series was started on Facebook as a way to encourage others to speak about their experiences of growth, greater awareness, personal development, and knowledge/understanding with others. Folks are already doing wonderful things such as starting community gardens, offering space or time, guiding meditations, etc.

A group of us have started a series of workshops for personal development. We began with the workshop, “Anchoring the Shift” held on June 7 at Neptune Theatre. What exactly is the shift and what does it mean for humankind? Basically there is a lot of support right now from like-minded people towards much needed change. Our group is eager to continue to offer more opportunities for greater awareness, personal growth and development and to help create a better community, city, province, country and yes…WORLD…for us all to live in.

Any great ideas? Need help to make a dream into a reality?

In our GROUP space, we encourage members to share their stories of struggle and triumph, what has been learned in our interactions with one another and what changes we’d like to bring about/experience. Each of us has the ability to anchor the light.

Part I: Anchoring the Shift: A Community Building Workshop

What exactly is The Shift and how will it affect us? Some are calling The New Age or The Age of Aquarius, The Golden Age, and/or The Shift, which we feel is an appropriate name as there are going to be and continue to be for some time, ‘Shifts’ in awareness for us all. As a group of healers, mediums and psychics, it was our intention to share with you the information we have been receiving that has transformed our own lives over the years. The group Wisdom of Wombman presented this event as part of their “Intention Series.”
We encouraged those attending to set their intentions for making positive changes for the near and far future. In the energies of this event, many of these intentions were seeded/planted for eventual manifestation. For bios of all the presenters, please check out our Group page, Wisdom of Wombman on Face Book.

Interested in attending a special event?