Psychometry: A little bit touched


Psychometry is the ability to divine facts about an object or person associated with an object. My early experiences with psychometry were all unintentional and a bit scary. Nowadays I touch things on purpose in order to “read” their vibrations.

Everything vibrates…in a way everything tells us about itself and everything in our environment influences us. This 8-week course is intended to help us become comfortable and ‘open’ to our environment rather in fear of it. We will be using stones, crystals, Oracle cards, jewelry and other objects to experience their unique vibrations. We will discuss the practices that make it easier to tap into this energy and what blocks us from receiving or paying attention to our intuition. Since I use stones/crystals in my own readings quite a bit, in this course, you will learn about a number of these and their metaphysical properties.

This 8-week course is held usually on Wednesday or Thursday evenings from 6:30-8p. It will be held at Spencer House on Morris Street. I ask for a security deposit of $50 towards the total cost which is $125. The remaining amount is due on the first day of class. The deposit is non-refundable but in most cases may be used as a credit towards other future courses as long as the person gives notice of cancellation prior to the start of class in which one is registered.

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