Mystical Courses & Adventures

Mystical Courses & Adventures are interactive sessions ranging from 3.5 hours to overnight events.

Common Questions About Retreats

Please note that not all the specifics of Mystical Workshops & Adventures are noted on the website. Please contact Karen directly with any questions you may have or to customize a an event. Some common questions include:

Who would benefit from a Mystical Workshop?

Anyone who:

  • is experiencing a turning point in their lives
  • is examining  previously-held beliefs
  • has been having unusual experiences (such as repetitive or synchronistic experiences)
  • wishes to explore their intuitive abilities and wants to tap into their intuition consciously and more regularly
  • wants to have a deeper connection to themselves, their loved ones and acquaintances,  and understand the spiritual role that people have in our lives
  • is curious about these topics and finds it entertaining.
Does it involve any meditation?

There will be the initial guided meditation to help us all relax unwind and as a part of creating Sacred Space. The option to have other guided meditations in the workshop will be up to the hosts.

Am I allowed to bring divination tools?

While it is not necessary to bring anything with you, you are welcome to bring any divinatory tools that you are familiar with and that are pertinent to the topic that is being presented in the workshop. For example if the workshop is on Tarot card reading, participants are welcome to bring their own deck or decks

Will I be getting a personal intuitive reading?

There are usually intuitive messages offered in any Lecture or Workshop however whether each participant receives an individual message will depend on the number of people participating in the workshop.

Will any of my personal life be revealed in the readings?
What folks share in the mystical workshops & adventures is up to them. As to the intuitive readings, all information is provided with the best of intentions for the well-being of each participant and is not about my abilities or what I am able to “intuit” about people.  It is my belief that anything you chose to remain private, will not be brought up in a reading.
How will I get to know my fellow participants?
There will be introductions and depending on the type of event people may be paired or put in groups. For example in a workshop on using pendulums, folks would work in pairs. 
In some cases such as a work event, all the participants may already know one another and need no introduction.
Will I and the other participants have any other responsibilities?
Everyone present will all be responsible for keeping the space tidy/clean.
How are any disagreements handled?
There has not been a need in any of the previous adventure events to handle any disagreements. The workshop session is not about determining whose perspective is right or wrong but appreciating and honoring the differing perspectives that people have based on their knowledge and experiences. The creation of sacred space at the beginning of the session provides a safe space for participants to learn, share ideas and express beliefs.
What about Costs?

Costs will vary depending on the length of the workshop, which is usually anywhere from 3 hours to a full 6- hour day and the number of participants.

Interested in attending a Mystical Workshop & Adventure?