Mystical Readings

The purpose of these intuitive readings is to guide someone through the confusion of challenging situations and to help a person tap into their own intuition about their experience(s) so that the reading then becomes more of a validation of the best choices for a person’s life path. Cards, crystals and stones, tea leaves and mirrors are tools that the intuitive reader uses to interpret the information that is received psychically.


Mystical Readings are offered to help clients explore their present and future options, to see an issue from a different perspective and offer awareness of what specific experiences have to offer us as spiritual beings living a human life.

Palm Readings

There are two ways to look at palm readings. For psychics, “reading” the palm is an intuitive experience. A reader can ‘see’ with their third eye what has happened and may happen in the future to the person whose hand they hold. A second way is the analysis of the palm; including shape and size of palm, finger shape and lean, fingernail shapes, and the major and mines lines found on the palm. From this, palm analysts determine personality, motivations, tendencies and talents, potential areas of personal growth and development, etc. My readings are a mix of these two types.

Card Readings

In general all of my card readings include at least the Tarot deck. Added to that I usually like to include cards that are associated with the Higher Realms such as The Saints and Angels Deck and Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. I use decks associated with Crystals and Stones, animals, etc. in order to see a variety of perspectives of a situation and to provide more than one way of approaching any concerns or issues.

Tea Leaf Readings

…are done by intuitively reading the loose tea leaves that are spread around a tea cup after the person has drunk the tea. This is a very popular and fun reading because it isn’t as structured as the others. As it is water based (mutable), the reading tends to run like a disjointed story. For example, I might tell you that it’s a good time to sell your vehicle and then tell you that your pet dog wants a new chew toy! It is not recommended if you have something specific that you want to understand/get some clarity about as I am never quite sure myself what will appear!

Tarot Readings

The Tarot is an ancient system, which I use for divination of possible futures. Some say the Tarot is for future/fortune telling; other say it is a teaching tool that helps explain our human experience. There are 78 cards including 22 Major Arcana (meaning secret) and 56 Minor cards. The 56 Minor cards involve 14 cards including 1-10 (pip cards) and then the Page Knight, Queen and King (court cards) in 4 suits (e.g. Swords, Cups, Wands and Pentacles). Today there are many types of other card decks. I enjoy using the Hidden Realms and the Druid Animal Oracle deck among others.

Crystal & Stone Readings

Crystal & stone readings are  useful in several ways. First of all, stones have a vibration that our bodies and minds respond to very positively so just having them in our presence is beneficial. They can assist us in relaxing and promote balance and overall wellness. Some stones resonate with a specific chakra (energy centre) of our body. For example, Blue Tiger’s eye can help us access our intuition by resonating with the third eye chakra. I use the crystals and stones to help balance a person’s chakras, release negativity and to deliver messages for ones wellbeing.

Scrying – Mirror Readings

 I began doing Mirror work in 2014. One aspect involves a lecture/presentation called, “Mirror, Mirror” in which we are asked to look at what certain experiences might be reflecting or mirroring to us. Mirror readings is another aspect of this work in which I have the client sitting in front of the Mirror. I do not look at them but directly into the Mirror (doing what is called Scrying). This work is really good for helping to reintegrate ‘fragments’ of the Soul that have appeared to separate from us. At this time, these readings are offered in my own apartment and are not available as part of a Mystical Party.

Please note that not all the specifics of readings are noted on the website. Please contact me with any questions you may have or to customize your reading.

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