Mystical Parties


Mystical Parties are home parties where participants stay together to hear the readings. I have found it to be a fun and very connective experience for participants. The amount of personal reading time depends on the numbers. For example, if there are 6 people, each will receive about 30 minutes of reading time. Mystical Parties are made up of whatever types of readings, games, etc that the client selects from the offerings noted on the website. I have often selected on behalf of clients. These parties are approximately 3.5 hours long and cost $225. These readings are the most popular but there are other home party readings.

Mystical party plus is for groups 9 and over up to a maximum of 15. I provide approximately 15 minute private readings for participants in the host home. All that is required is a private to semi-private space. Tarot and/or other card readings best suit these parties.

For groups of 16+ people, I offer 5-10 minute messages, depending on the total numbers / time. This set up works well for special occasion parties. It is also ideal for conferences or workshops, where hosts want to provide a break from intellectual sessions. For larger groups I also offer an hour session, which includes a 30-minute talk about the different  types of intuitive readings (or another lecture topic the client selects from the website) and then I randomly pick folks from the group and offer them an intuitive message (please refer to Mystical Lectures section).

Please note, there is an extra charge if distance is a factor.

Not all the specifics of Mystical Parties are noted on the website. Please contact me with any questions you may have or to customize a party.

Interested in hosting a party?