Mystical Readings

Karen has been offering intuitive readings for over 30 years. She started teaching Card, Palm and Tea Leaf Readings for Part-time Studies at NSCC in 1999.


Mystical Parties

Mystical Parties are home parties where participants stay together as they experience a variety of readings. I have found it to be a fun and very connective experience for participants.


Mystical Lectures

Mystical Lectures/Interludes are ideal for conferences and special events as they add light entertainment that is interactive, fun and that is flexible time wise.


Mystical Readings

The purpose of these intuitive readings is to guide someone through the confusion of challenging situations and to help a person tap into their own intuition about their experiences.


Mystical Workshops

These workshops / adventures range from 3.5 hours to overnight retreats for small groups of 6-8 persons. They are interactive, fun and eye-opening. Options for larger groups are available.

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Contact me today to arrange your reading, party or retreat!